Saturday, September 6, 2008

Recording Studio

dear hannah montana,

i herd u went into dat studio 2 record sum more music. dats hot. u gotta work it, right?

im gonna be waitin 2 hear wut new songs u rote. catch u lata. big ups.

- rawk starr

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is Disney star Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana trying to pull a Vanessa Hudgens?

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) Solidarity Strip? - Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures have hit the web and Vanessa Hudgens has become an internet phenomenon. And not for all the right reasons.

Miley Cyrus has shockingly continued the Disney teen strip craze with her photos. There is some doubt as to their validity.

What is not in doubt is that Miley Cyrus has publicly declared her support for the now infamous Vanessa Hudgens.

The Hannah Montana star is the first Disney counterpart to utter a word since Baby V’s nude photo scandal. In a backstage interview with E! News, Miley sounds off on the international photo phenomenon:

“It’s everywhere (the photos), but the thing is.. mistakes happen and I’m just happy I can be there for her as a friend which is what she needs more than anything.”

The 18-year-old Hudgens’s candid mirror-image shots were intended for her boyfriend and High School Musical co-star Zac Efron’s eyes only - but an unknown third party stole the pictures and placed one on the internet.

Walt Disney Records Gets the Party Started with Hannah Montana 2 Non-Stop Dance Party

Walt Disney Records throws a full-on non-stop dance party with the release of the Hannah Montana 2 Non-Stop Dance Party CD on January 29, 2008.

Following up on last summer’s #1 Billboard 200 release: Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley Cyrus two disc set – and on the phenomenally successful 70-date Best of Both Worlds Tour – the Hannah Montana 2 Non-Stop Dance Party CD is a fresh mix of the complete hits from the Hannah Montana 2 disc, remixed into one continuous dance party mix.

All tracks were remixed by Chris Cox (Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna). Cox is a Grammy-nominated producer, chart-topping solo artist, Grammy-winning label owner, club DJ, and mixmaster who specializes in dance music and club-friendly electronica. Bonus features include a Chris Cox Megamix, live performance videos from the London concert, a photo slideshow and a link to printable party invitations.

The Hannah Montana franchise continues to break records. Hannah Montana ranks as the #1 cable show with girls 6-11, and its soundtrack Hannah Montana 2 was the #6 best-selling CD of 2007 (according to Nielsen SoundScan), scanning over 2.6 million units to date. The original Hannah Montana soundtrack release is triple platinum and was the first TV soundtrack to land at #1 on The Billboard 200. Miley Cyrus is the youngest-ever recording artist with two #1 albums in less than one year.

The Hannah Montana 2 Non-Stop Dance Party track list is as follows:

1. "One in a Million" (Remix)

2. "True Friend" (Remix)

3. "Old Blue Jeans" (Remix)

4. "Make Some Noise" (Remix)

5. "Nobody’s Perfect" (Remix)

6. "Rock Star" (Remix)

7. "Life’s What You Make It" (Remix)

8. "We Got the Party" (Remix)

9. "You and Me Together" (Remix)

10. "Bigger than Us" (Remix)

Bonus Features:
-- Chris Cox Megamix

Live Performance Videos from the London Concert:
-- "Nobody's Perfect"
-- "Life's What You Make It"
-- Photo Slideshow
-- Printable Party Invitations

Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through original series and movies plus contemporary acquired programming. Currently available on basic cable in over 95 million U.S. homes and to millions of other viewers on 27 Disney Channels around the world, Disney Channel is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group.

Hannah Montana 2 Non-Stop Dance Party will be available at retail nationwide wherever music is sold.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hannah Montana's show coming to Montana big screens

Disney superstar Hannah Montana is coming to the big screen in Montana starting on February 1st.

The wildly popular artist among children will perform her Best of Both Worlds tour on a 3D screen and will also be featured on 192 Carmike movie screens from February 1st until February 7th.

Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana, had a soundtrack that hit number one on the Billboard charts back in 2006.

Tickets will cost $15, but Carmike representatives say the 3D experience is well worth the extra price. Hannah Montana's tickets for her live shows often sell for several hundred dollars.

'Hannah Montana' mania hits Cleveland

Cleveland has prepared for its evening of Hannah-monium.

Miley Cyrus — TV's "Hannah Montana" — brings her sold-out concert tour to Quicken Loans Arena, which says all 16,000 tickets for today's show are spoken for.

Extra security measures at the will-call window are designed to ensure that no Hannah fans lose their prized seats.

Police plan to alter traffic patterns for the expected crush of concertgoers and so parents don't simply drop their kids off but walk them to the arena doors.

Some are coming to the show from far beyond northeast Ohio.

Two mothers say they brought their daughters from Athens, Tex., because they could get tickets for the Cleveland show for $65 each. They say resellers wanted $1,500 for upper-level seats in Dallas.

At Last! Hundreds of Affordable Hannah Montana Tickets Listed online

After months of sticker shock at the asking prices for Hannah Montana tickets, some welcome relief has come for parents seeking more affordable access to the hottest pre-teen concert tour ever. The supply for three mid-January Hannah Montana shows in Las Vegas has become so plentiful at online ticket marketplace, that fans are reaping the benefits of the lowest asking prices of the entire tour. So much so that dozens of fans have recently purchased tickets on StubHub for less than $30. Tickets have sold for as low as $14 for the Las Vegas show at MGM Grand on January 18.

"It's refreshing to see prices relax for these sold out Hannah Montana shows in Las Vegas. With three performances on a three day Martin Luther King weekend, many fans may have an opportunity to travel to see the show," said Sean Pate, Head of Corporate Communications for StubHub. "The vast amount of tickets on sale is keeping prices extraordinarily low compared to other tour stops around the country. Parents should consider Las Vegas for the opportunity to see a Hannah Montana show at a very reasonable price."

The Hannah Montana concert tour has been one of the most popular and controversial shows in music history. On StubHub, the tour has out grossed legendary acts like the Police and Van Halen, as well as contemporary superstars like Justin Timberlake. The "Best of Both Worlds" tour has become the highest grossing concert series in the history of StubHub based on the dollar volume of tickets sold. Insatiable public demand for her performances has driven resold ticket prices at StubHub to an average of over $260 nationwide. With recently added dates and multiple shows in cities like Las Vegas, StubHub remains stocked with availability and asking prices are at the most affordable levels they have been since the tour began.

Hannah Montana Contest Winner Apologizes For Fake Essay

The Hannah Montana tour is definitely one of the hottest tickets in town for tweens and their parents, but one woman admits she went a little overboard in trying to win tickets for her daughter. Texas mom Priscilla Ceballos apologized Friday (January 4) on NBC's "Today" show for writing an essay falsely claiming the girl's father had died in Iraq just so the girl could see Hannah (a.k.a. Miley Cyrus) in person. "I just wanted to help my daughter write a compelling story," she said. The fabricated essay won the contest's grand prize, which included airfare for four to Albany, New York, and four tickets to a sold-out Hannah Montana concert there, as well as a makeover that included a blond Hannah Montana wig. "Please accept my heartfelt apology and please do not punish my child for my mistake," Ceballos urged on the show.

2000 New Year's baby is a huge Hannah Montana fan

Alyssa Mary Anne Freimann, the first metro-east New Year's baby of 2000, just turned 8. Alyssa lives in Highland with mom Amy Freimann, dad Kyle Poole, and sister, Kennedy, 3.

On New Year's Eve, the family dining room table was filled with balloons, including one shaped like a giant guitar. Teen actress Miley Cyrus' face smiled from birthday plates and napkins.

It wasn't hard to figure out one of Alyssa's interests. The ponytailed second-grader wore a black Hannah Montana tunic over blue jeans and furry boots.

"Remember what we told you about coming home from the hospital?" said mom Amy Freimann. "You got to come home in a limousine, a big long car like Hannah Montana rides in."

We talked to Alyssa on the eve of her birthday. She had already had a party with friends and looked forward to a family party.

Favorite presents: "I really wanted a pottery wheel and I got that. Puzzles. I got a trampoline." For her birthday, she got more Hannah Montana and "High School Musical" stuff, a camera case for her digital camera and a hair streaker to put color in her hair.

What she likes to do: "I like to swim and jump on my new trampoline. Santa put it up for us. We left cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. He left the tops of the carrots on the oven and a note that said he liked the cookies and the reindeer liked the carrots, and he left a special surprise outside for us that wouldn't fit in the house. I was surprised. I jumped on it Christmas morning in my pajamas."What's on the party menu? "Little smokies, a veggie tray, because I like veggies."

"Chips and soda," said Mom. "Sloppy joes. We worked on the menu together. All of her favorite stuff."

Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies

What can you cook? "Oatmeal. Take the pack, pour it in a bowl and put hot water in."

What's it like to have a little sister? "Bad. She's trouble. She just likes to do what I do when I'm doing crafts or playing on the computer."Favorite subject: "Reading and spelling. I like the "Magic Tree House" books and "Choose Your Own Adventure." You can skip from different chapters and choose which one you want."

Least favorite subject: "Math. The only part of math I like is fractions. We do rocket math. As many math problems as we can in one minute."

Her chores: "Keep my room clean and put out food and water for the dog (a golden retriever named Mackenzie). Put the shoes away." Her mom added: "We kick our shoes off by the back door. She has to cart them to everybody's room."

How far have you traveled? "We just got back from a ski trip to Devils Head in Wisconsin. My grandpa (Michael Freimann) is from Wisconsin. (The family drove up during the snowstorm on Dec. 15.) I like to go fast."

"Our rule is she has to have somebody with her," said mom Amy. "Uncle Justin (Freimann) who's 21 takes her all over the place."

Alyssa also has been to Biloxi, Miss., to visit her uncle Christopher who is in the Air Force. The family visits Branson, Mo., every year and goes on float trips.

Favorite cartoon character? ScoobyDoo.

Good thing about having your birthday on a holiday: "Pretty much no matter what day it falls on, we have all the family over for it," said mom Amy.

"It's nice to have a special holiday as my birthday," said Alyssa. "No one forgets my birthday or how old I am."

What would you ask Hannah Montana if you met her? "What is it like to have everyone screaming your name?"