Saturday, December 22, 2007

Investigation Sought For Hannah Montana Ticket Mess

An Ohio state senator wants some answers on how the ticketing industry really works, and why fans sometimes get shut out from gaining tickets to hot shows, such as the current Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus tour.

State Sen. Eric Kearney, a Democrat from Cincinnati, recently called on Ohio’s Attorney General Marc Dann to investigate the industry, and the senator vowed to introduce legislation to help fans better understand event ticketing by improving the transparency of the marketplace. As a state, Ohio doesn’t regulate ticket reselling, instead leaving it in the hands of municipalities. Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus all allow some version of reselling, such as restricting it to the internet and/or requiring a permit.

Jim Gravelle, spokesperson for the attorney general, told TicketNews that while the office “took the senator’s remarks very seriously,” he can neither confirm nor deny whether an investigation is in the works.

Kearney received complaints from angry parents who were shut out of buying tickets to Hannah Montana shows in the state, but he would like any investigation to look at the industry as whole and not concentrate only on ticketing practices surrounding the young pop starlet. In New Jersey and North Carolina parents have launched lawsuits over various aspects of the Hannah ticketing mess, and Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon also investigated the situation.

“Ticketmaster and event promoters operating in Ohio should be aware that customers are angry at the way they do business,” Kearney said in a statement. “This isn’t just about Hannah Montana. It’s about every big event that comes to Cincinnati. Someone is profiting and parents are left paying the price.”

Speaking hypothetically and not specifically about the ticketing industry, Gravelle said that complaints similar to Kearney’s would potentially fall under the state’s Consumer Sales Practices Act, which makes it civilly “unlawful to deceive or treat unfairly” any consumer who is buying goods or services.

Tickets to the Ohio Hannah concerts, and other popular events in state, sold out in minutes, and seats were withheld for Cyrus fan club members and others, a common practice. In addition, tickets were quickly posted by brokers and on Ticketmaster’s TicketExchange for exorbitant prices quickly after selling out.

Young Singer Gives Fans Taste of Hannah Montana

Up until recently, Melody Hession didn't like Hannah Montana.
When the Annapolis girl first tuned in to the Disney show that's become a pop culture phenomenon, she thought it was "stupid." But Melody's best friend loved the show, so she decided to give it another chance, and now she's a fan.

So much so that 13-year-old Melody, who aspires to her own recording career under the name Melody Page, will be featured at Annapolis Alive! New Year's Eve, the city's new-fangled holiday celebration, dressed as Hannah Montana.

It won't be her first public appearance in costume, either. The St. Mary's Elementary School eighth-grader dressed as Hannah for Halloween.

Melody, er, Hannah will take to the main stage to sing favorites from the show, but she also plans to mix in a few original numbers. Copies of her CD, "Lucky Girl," will be on sale that night, too, according to her father, Bill Hession, who is helping with the planning for the city's festivities.

With tickets to the real Hannah Montana concerts a scarcity, Mr. Hession said the show provides a chance for local families to get a little closer to the real thing. Melody, of course, doesn't want to be known simply as a Hannah Montana impersonator, but she and her father, a musician himself, said it's one way to get her name out and publicize the CD.

"I'm just kind of high energy," said Melody, whoseother musical favorites include current artists like Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, as well as classic rockers like Led Zeppelin. "(And) I love to sing. I've always loved to sing."

Melody, who said she's known among her friends for wearing ties and suspenders, models some of her songs after Hannah Montana's music, and constantly scribbles down ideas on scraps of paper and in a well-worn notebook titled "Lyricks."

Rather than being nervous about her upcoming performance, Melody said she's pretty psyched. "This is so cool," she said. "I'm happy, excited. I like being the center of attention."

Hit maker

Maybe it's no surprise that Melody was bitten by the music bug.

Her parents met doing karaoke, and they sang to her in the womb. Plus, it's in her name.

The melody part is self-explanatory, but her middle name, Paige, is also musical. Paige is a feminized version of Page, taken from Led Zeppelin's iconic guitarist Jimmy Page, who happens to be Mr. Hession's idol. They changed it from Paige to Page for her stage name.

Mr. Hession said Melody started singing at age 3 and basically never stopped. She's acted, playing the title character in "Annie" with a local theater group, and got serious about the guitar in the past year. She practices an hour a day after she gets home from school and before she starts her homework. She also plays the piano.

Mr. Hession works with his youngest daughter (he also has a 20-year-old) on her music in their home recording studio. He's helping to produce Melody's CD, and plays all the instruments on the recording. Mr. Hession's full-time job is selling copiers, but he's also been playing in local bands for the past 20 years.

"She's going to be famous in six months," he proclaimed. "I just love working with her."

Hannah Montana Thrills Providence

She's an idol to young teens all over the world. Miley Cyrus, also known as, "Hanna Montana" entertained the crowd Thursday night at the Dunkin' Donuts Center. For the kids, it was a blast, but for the parents it was a long evening.

Traffic and very long lines at the will-call line made some tempers flare. But for the audience, it was a fabulous night!

No Apologies for Hannah Montana Tickets

Asked Thursday whether parents who stood in long lines trying to buy their kids tickets to the Dec. 8 "Hannah Montana" concert at the Allstate Arena should be upset that he and his daughters ended up with free tickets and a backstage visit -- all courtesy of his buddy, state Sen. James DeLeo -- Gov. Blagojevich said:

"I have two daughters and being a good dad is a heck of a lot more important to me than being a good politician. And when my little girls ask their dad how to find a way to get them to see Hannah Montana, I do everything I can to get them to see Hannah Montana.

"Now, in my home, when I'm home, there's a conflict when it comes to the television. I would like SportsCenter. My little girls would like the Disney Channel. And it's usually the Disney Channel. They win and I lose. I think Hannah Montana is a wholesome, sweet performer. I've seen every episode of the Hannah Montana show because my daughters like to watch it.

"If you think my daughters are going to ask me to try to get them tickets to see Hannah Montana and I'm going to tell them 'No,' well then you're wrong. I think it's a good thing to do for your kids. I did what I could to get them tickets to see Hannah Montana.

"I got tickets the way a lot of people get tickets: You call a friend and say, 'Hey, can you find some tickets?' In that particular case, Sen. DeLeo did. I said, 'How much do I owe you for the tickets?' He said, 'Don't worry about it. You can get dinner next time.' That's what friends do."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

FatHead Launches Disney Line

Fathead®, the number one brand in sports and entertainment wall graphics and the brand best-known for its official life-size images of professional athletes, animated heroes and entertainment characters, is launching a new line of Fathead wall décor featuring Disney Channel?s Hannah Montana, and characters from both the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and the Disney Pixar film Cars, just in time for holiday gift-giving. Disney Pixar Cars characters include Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, Luigi, Guido, Doc Hudson and Ramone, and Pirates of the Caribbean features Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. These spectacular life-size images are a must-have for this holiday season.

Hannah Montana rocks! Disney Pixar Cars characters roll! And Pirates swashbuckle! It?s just that simple,? said Brock Weatherup, Fathead CEO. ?We are thrilled to be offering Disney fans of all ages a unique way to decorate their homes with images from these popular franchises.?

A ?Fathead? is a bold, colorful, life-like, life-size wall-graphic of well-known stars. Fathead is an especially popular brand among sports fans, teens and tweens, moms, dads and gift-givers. A special adhesive backing allows them to be moved from wall to wall, making them a Mobile and fun part of any family?s home décor.

Each image captures the essence of the character it portrays. Fathead images are perfect for decorating a bedroom, office or entertainment area and can be purchased by visiting the company?s website,, at select retailers, or by calling (877)-FATHEAD.

About Fathead LLC: The Livonia, Mich-based company, whose products are commonly referred to as Fatheads, takes pride in connecting fans with their passions. Fathead has become the preferred home, personal and lifestyle décor purchase for sports and entertainment enthusiasts of all ages. The most popular Fathead product line consists of a colorful vinyl wall graphic of popular sports stars, NASCAR race cars and entertainment characters. Fathead LLC maintains license agreements with the NFL and PLAYERS INC., Disney Consumer Products, Inc., Collegiate Licensing Company, Licensing Resource Group, Inc., MLB and MLBPA, NASCAR, NBA Entertainment, MLS, Action Sports, NHL and NHLPA, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Lucasfilm, Ltd., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Gracie Films, Time, Inc., Marvel Characters, Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., and WMG. Fatheads can be seen and purchased at or 1-877-FATHEAD and will soon be available at preferred retailers throughout the United States.

Fathead LLC is a privately-held company led by Dan Gilbert, chairman and founder of Quicken Loans, the nation?s largest online mortgage lender. Gilbert also is Majority Owner of the NBA?s Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. Dan and his partners also operate Flash Seats LLC, which replaces physical tickets for sporting events with an electronic approach; and the American Hockey League?s Lake Erie Monsters franchise, that began play at Cleveland?s Quicken Loans Arena in the 2007-08 season. Other companies in which Gilbert and his partners have invested include Michigan-based online promotions company e-Prize.

Hannah Montana to Perform in Chicago, IL

Hannah Montana will be performing at the United Center, located in Chicago, Illinois on January 14, 2008 at 7pm. Tickets for this show are currently on sale.

Hannah Montana will give a concert at the United Center, located in Chicago, Illinois this coming January, as part of, "The Best of Both Worlds" Tour. According to United Center's press release, the concert will feature both Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana as well as a solo artist. More specifically, Miley Cyrus will be performing songs as Hannah Montana during the concert, including the songs, "Nobody's Perfect," "I Got Nerve," "Rock Star," "Life's What You Make It," and, "Just Like You." She will be performing as a solo artist by including the following songs in the Miley Cyrus portion of her concert, "Start All Over," "Right Here," "G.N.O. (Girls Night Only)," "Good and Broken," and, "The Best of Both Worlds."

Tickets for this upcoming performance are currently on sale. Tickets for this show vary in price. Floor and 100 level seats cost $66 apiece, 200 level seats cost $56, and 300 level seats may be purchased for $26 or $43.50.

It is important to note there is a four ticket per household limit on this concert.

Additionally, the United Center will have a parent's lounge during the concert in which parents may relax while the concert takes place. Use of the lounge is first, come first serve, and can accommodate up to 149 individuals.

It is also important to note that parents may not enter the concert without a ticket at any time. Additionally, there are no designated drop-off or pick-up locations at the United Center, so parents should ensure they set up specific locations where they can reunite with their children after the concert is over.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Miley Cyrus to Appear on Oprah Again

Miley Cyrus will appear along with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, on the Oprah show on Thursday, December 20. According to Oprah's show summary, Miley Cyrus will be answering questions from her fans while she is on the show. Oprah also asserts that her father, Billy Ray Cyrus will tell fans what he would like them to know about his daughter.

According to Oprah's website, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus will also be performing a duet together.

Oprah invites 100 of Miley Cyrus' biggest fans to join her audience. According to Oprah's website, they think that they are there to participate in a Miley Cyrus Biggest Fan contest. They are all surprised when Miley comes out onto the stage and performs, "The Best of Both Worlds," as none of her fans are aware she is going to be present.

Miley Cyrus is a well-known singer, songwriter, and actress. She plays Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart on the Disney Channel's show Hannah Montana, where Miley Stewart appears to be a normal teenage girl by day, but is really Hannah Montana, a famous singer. On the TV series, Miley struggles to hide her identity from almost everyone, except her family and a few of her closest friends.

In October 2006 the Disney Channel released the first of Hannah Montana's soundtracks, which contained eight songs from the show Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus also signed a four-album contract with Hollywood Records for her own solo career in 2006. In June 2007, Cyrus released a double album: Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. According to Wikipedia, Hannah Montana 2 serves as the second soundtrack for the Disney Channel show while Meet Miley Cyrus serves as Cyrus' solo debut album.

Cyrus is currently on "The Best of Both Worlds" Tour in which she performs some songs as Hannah Montana and other songs as Miley Cyrus. Earlier this month the tour was extended to the end of January 2008 because of the tour's popularity.

Miley Cyrus wows the crowd in Philly

You look at most pop stars and think, "How can they do that?" But Miley Cyrus, performing as herself or her alter ego, Hannah Montana, inspires a different thought. It's more like, "I can do that."

Cyrus, the 15-year-old daughter of former country-pop phenom Billy Ray Cyrus ("Achy Breaky Heart"), doesn't have a particularly powerful voice and isn't a particularly graceful dancer. But Monday night at the Wachovia Center, she performed her polished, catchy songs with boundless energy and unflagging high spirits.

"Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock," she sang, with thousands of young voices cheering her on.

At another point, she announced, "Everybody in the house is a rock star tonight."

Cyrus' diva-next-door appeal -- as well her endless exposure on television's Disney Channel and Radio Disney -- has made her "Best of Both Worlds Tour" one of the year's hottest concert tickets. If you haven't noticed, the phrase "Hannah Montana tickets" has entered the language, meaning something infinitely desirable to a young girl, but practically unobtainable. Sample sentence: "It's not like they're Hannah Montana tickets, but I think she'll like her presents anyway."

Monday's show sold out quickly. So did upcoming shows at Newark's Prudential Center, Dec. 29-30, and Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall, Jan. 5. There have been reports of tickets being resold for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and her fan club has been sued for not doing enough to help members obtain tickets.

In part to satisfy the overwhelming demand, a digital 3-D movie version of the tour will be in theaters for a week in February, with tickets priced at $15.

Monday's show -- a fast-moving two hours and 15 minutes -- was state-of-the-art arena pop, with bursts of fireworks, frequent trips down a ramp that extended about 20 rows into the audience, and a confetti grand finale.

Backed by a seven-piece band and eight dancers, Cyrus sang most of the songs live, though she did lip-synch during a few of the most energetic dance productions. Fans were occasionally encouraged to get out of their seats and make more noise, though really, no one was sitting, and it's hard to believe the adoring masses could have been any louder.

The "Best of Both Worlds Tour" is, among other things, a transition to Cyrus' post-Montana solo career.

She took the stage as Montana, performing, mostly, songs from the Montana disc of her recent double CD, "Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus." During "Nobody's Perfect," clips from the program were shown behind her.

The Jonas Brothers, the three siblings who opened the concert, joined her for the last Montana number, "We Got the Party." They then played two songs on their own -- the quirky pop song "Year 3000" and the power ballad "When You Look Me in the Eyes" -- before she reappeared as herself.

"Are you ready to meet Miley Cyrus?" asked Nick Jonas. The words "Meet Miley" flashed on the screens, and a video was shown of her backstage, walking toward the stage with her assistant, who helpfully wore a T-shirt saying "Mileys (sic) assistant."

Hannah Montana to Perform at Dick Clark's New Year Special

There's another way to catch Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus besides her Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, where she performs both as a solo artist and in her pop star character. Fans can also catch the 15-year-old singer as she rocks Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2008 with a live performance at Time Square in New York City.

Airing Monday, December 31 on ABC, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is three and one half hours of special New Year's programming, hosted by Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest (American Idol) from New York, with roving reporting by Marysol Castro (Good Morning America Weekend). While the show typically centers on counting down until the New Year ball drops, it also features various numbers performed by today's hottest artists.

One of the most popular young stars in Hollywood, Cyrus has established herself a colossal fan base with her exposure on the Disney hit series, Hannah Montana. As a singer, she has successfully launched her triple-platinum "Hannah Montana" soundtrack, which became the first TV soundtrack to debut at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200. She has also released her double album "Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus," which she presently promotes as part of her sold out concert tour.

Aside from the Hannah Montana star, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve will include American Idol season 4 winner and Grammy award-winning artist Carrie Underwood and teen sensation the Jonas Brothers.

Also performing on the primetime special from Hollywood is R&B singer Fergie, who will also host the West Coast party, and OneRepublic. Other musical acts featured on the special from the Hollywood party will be Akon, Natasha Bedingfield, Sean Kingston, Plain White T's, Taylor Swift and

Catch Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2008 on ABC at the following timeslots:

Primetime telecast at 10pm to 11:00pm ET
Part 1 at 11:35pm to 1:05am ET
Part 2 at 1:05am to 2:05am ET

Hannah Montana Heads 2007 Ten Best-Mannered List

-- Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), who was commended for being a role model to young people, heads the list of the "Ten Best-Mannered People of 2007," as named by the National League of Junior Cotillions, an etiquette and social training program that involves thousands of young people in the United States.

The 2007 list includes:
1. Hannah Montana - (Miley Cyrus) for being a positive role model for young people.
2. Tim Tebow - for displaying good sportsmanship on and off the field.
3. Reese Witherspoon - for setting high standards of excellence as an actress.
4. Tony Dungy - for his example of humility and politeness.
5. Rachel Ray - for the warmth and kindness she extends to her guests.
6. Brett Favre - for his perseverance as an athlete.
7. Marie Osmond - for her positive influence as an entertainer.
8. Billy Graham - for his life of integrity and dedication.
9. Laura Bush - for her commitment to family values.
10. Tiger Woods - for inspiring young people to achieve their best.
Says Anne Colvin Winters, NLJC Executive Director, "The annual selections are based on the demonstration of honor, dignity and respect. Hannah Montana was chosen because of the courteous manner in which she treats her fans."

Nominations are from cotillion students and directors nationwide.

Hannah Montana show reaps big business from small-fry fans

Tonight, as crowds pour into the arena for a Hannah Montana concert, ticket takers will have to bend down to scan most entry passes, gripped by the tiny hands of fans as young as 5 years old.

It will be worth the back strain. Marketers for the state-owned performance venue see big money in small concertgoers. So far, their efforts to appeal to the so-called “tween,” or between childhood and adolescence, market appear to be paying off.

Tonight’s Hannah Montana show sold its 9,000 tickets in three minutes and set off a panic among parents who failed to secure one.

That meant big profits for secondary ticket sellers, who advertised tickets on for as much as $500 for a show originally priced at $21 to $63. But the Dunkin’ Donuts Center is also sharing the bounty. A legion of chaperons is expected to spend lavishly on food, drinks and merchandise — key sources of revenue for an arena struggling for profitability.

“This show goes out with some big-ticket items,” Lawrence J. Lepore, executive director of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, said. Alongside CDs and posters, fans may have a chance to pick up items ranging from expensive jackets to blonde wigs.

In the past, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center had few attractions for tweens, who would graduate from family shows only to plunge into an entertainment purgatory until they became old enough to see a rock concert.

Now, the Walt Disney Co. has stepped into that void, promoting a new set of acts through its radio station — available in Providence at WDDZ (550-AM) — cable TV and stage shows. Arenas throughout the country are rolling out the red carpet for a new, intensely loyal, high-spending demographic.

“You’re reaching a niche market,” Cheryl Schadone, director of marketing for the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, said of the Hannah Montana show. “For a lot of kids, this is their first real concert. It’s something no one tapped into before.”

Hannah Montana, the stage name of 14-year-old Miley Cyrus, is undoubtedly a phenomenon. Her Disney Channel show draws more than 5 million viewers, and a 3-D film of her 54-concert “Best of Both Worlds” tour, arriving in Rhode Island in February, is expected to pack theaters with fans shut out of tonight’s performance.

But Hannah Montana is not alone on Disney’s lucrative tween circuit.

In 2005, The Cheetah Girls drew breathless, adolecent screeching at the Providence Performing Arts Center. Less than a year later, they sold out the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, evidence of what The Providence Journal’s music critic Rick Massimo described as “the ohmigod factor of the Girls’ movies, videos and general ubiquity on The Disney Channel.”

Last month, the stage version of the Disney Channel movie High School Musical drew a total of 23,000 people to eight performances at PPAC.

“We were thrilled to be able to able to book that show,” P.J. Prokop, director of marketing for PPAC, said. “The audience has become more sophisticated at a younger age. They’re very savvy about what’s out there.”

In August, tickets for High School Musical: The Ice Tour went on sale at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Only weeks later, the arena added a second performance.

The show has sold 8,900 of 14,000 tickets, with more than a month left before the performance. Lepore said he expected it to sell out.

“You must be living under a rock if you don’t know what a phenomenon this is,” said Nicole Feld, executive vice president of Feld Entertainment, the Virgina company that is producing and promoting the ice show. “It’s something that has resonated with parents. It has an upbeat message.”

Fans can win Hannah Montana Tickets at Hockey Game

The ECHL's Trenton Devils and the New Jersey Education Association have announced today that they are partnering together during the Trenton Devils New Year's Eve game to give fans an opportunity to register to win four tickets and a limousine trip to attend the Best of Both Worlds Concert starring Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus on January 5th at Atlantic City's legendary Boardwalk Hall.

Miley Cyrus has exploded onto the TV and music scene as her alter ego Hannah Montana. The Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana" focuses on Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus), who lives a double life as an average teenage girl at school during the day, and a famous pop singer (Hannah Montana) at night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family.

The Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Tour mirrors that show as Cyrus performs both as Hannah and herself. Cyrus' tour is sold out nationwide, selling out some venues in as little as 60 seconds.

Of the promotion Trenton Devils Executive Director Jim Leahy said, "Our games and our promotions are so family oriented, I can't think of a better way to reward our fans than with a chance to ring in the new year with what is undoubtedly the hottest concert in the country." He also added, "Once again partnering with the New Jersey Education Association gives us a chance to promote its programs while keeping in line with our focus on community outreach programs."

The Trenton Devils will also be running a book drive during the New Year's Eve game to benefit the NJEA. These books will be dontated to schools in the Greater Trenton area. NJEA Associate Director of Public Relations, Dawn Hiltner, commented, "The NJEA is so excited to be a part of this night of fun. Our main goal is to provide a fun educational environment for our school's children. The Trenton Devils have helped to bring awareness and attention to our organization which can only benefit our educators and the children in our schools."

The Trenton Devils have also called on one of their long time sponsors, A-1 Limousine of Princeton, to provide a limousine to and from Atlantic City for the lucky winners to attend the concert.

Fans who attend the New Year's Eve Trenton Devils contest against the Cincinnati Cyclones will also be treated to a visit from the Radio Disney AM640 Party Patrol who will be playing family-fun music, games and contests with plenty of Radio Disney prizes to give away.

All fans will be eligible to enter for the chance to win tickets to the concert. Representatives from the NJEA and the Trenton Devils will announce the winner on the ice during the game's second intermission.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hundreds Brave Cold For Hannah Montana Tickets

Hannah Montana is making a return to St. Louis, but like her last trip to the city, getting to see her will still be a challenge. reported that hundreds of fans gathered Saturday outside the Scottrade Center, hoping to get their hands on tickets for her January 15th show.

Some camped out all night for a chance to get one of 272 special, numbered wristbands. Workers then drew numbers to determine who got to be at the beginning of the line.

"It's kind of like luck of the draw," one Hannah fan told Newschannel Five. " even if you're like number one you get the first wristband, you could be last in line,"

Tickets for Hannah Montana's October concert sold out almost immediately.

By Saturday afternoon there were already nearly 180 people selling tickets on eBay for the St. Louis show.

Girl with Brain Tumor Treated to Special Night at Hannah Montana Concert

To say Brooke Bemont of St. Charles was on cloud nine or had Christmas early last weekend might be an understatement.

The 10-year-old Munhall Elementary School student had the thrill of a lifetime when she was offered tickets to the Hannah Montana concert at Allstate Arena in Rosemont.

And if anyone ever deserved an unforgettable night seeing one of her heroes in concert, it was Brooke, who has endured four rounds of chemotherapy and 23 radiation treatments the past several months to treat a brain tumor.

Many people came together to arrange for Brooke. her sister, Caleigh, and a friend, Mia Dadian, to attend the concert in grand style -- with a limo ride and seats in the mayor's skybox, courtesy of Mayor Bradley Stephens of Rosemont.

Brooke's mother, Christal, got the ball rolling by contacting Bare Necessities, an organization dedicated to eliminating pediatric cancer and providing hope to those suffering from it.

Christal inquired about the Small Miracles program and let folks at Bear Necessities know how Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) had become a hero to her daughter.

Crystal Arts, a volunteer for Bare Necessities, secured this small miracle by getting tickets through a request to cancer survivor Rick Weigand, an employee of Leyden Township, who knew Mayor Stephens. Brooke and three other girls also suffering from cancer chosen by Bare Necessities were beside themselves with excitement when it all came together.

"The girls barely slept that night, and the big, black stretch limo that picked them up was filled with candy and food," Christal said. "They all just felt like mini-celebrities."

The night was full of pleasant surprises, as the girls met the Jonas Brothers, the band that opened for Miley Cyrus, and then also met Cyrus backstage after the show.

Christal praised Stephens, saying he gave up his skybox for the girls and filled it with food and gifts.

"The whole night was about the kids," Christal said. "And it was all made possible by other people. It was just an amazing thing.

"When I asked Brooke afterward if it was as good as she had hoped it would be, she just told me, 'It was so much better.'"

Hilary Duff Surprises Miley Cyrus

While answering a phoned-in question for MuchOnDemand, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus received a thrilling surprise – the seemingly random caller was actually Hilary Duff!

When the secret was revealed to Cyrus, she was flabbergasted and literally couldn’t speak for a few seconds. Once she gained her composure, the host asked whether Miley wanted any advice from Ms. Duff.

“Anything!” Miley exclaimed. “You are amazing and getting to meet you was seriously…it was like…I never like, be quiet, and I was for once, speechless! I was so happy. so thank so much just for everything! And also, and I never got a chance to tell you this, but thank you for making it cool to be a good girl and to want to be a good role model. Thank you making that cool. Cuz that’s something that really…I look up to you a lot for that.”

“Awww…thank you so much,” Duff replied. “Well you’re doing such a good job and you have such a career ahead of you and it’s been really cool just to get to watch someone I know admires me to see them grow up and be so successful and do things that they love and have fun. And that’s one thing you should always remember is that as hard as it is to make those sacrifices of not getting to be with your friends or waking up early you know, it’s still worth it. And so many people would love to be in your boots.”

The mutual admiration the two had for each other was palpable to everybody who was watching.

Snow Storm vs Hannah Montana

Two powerful forces battled it out on Sunday, in Rochester, N.Y.

Teen music sensation Hannah Montana competed with the mighty Nor'easter for the spotlight — and she won.

Hundreds of fans were dismayed when a ferocious storm hit Rochester, Saturday night, coinciding with the much anticipated arrival of Montana, aka Miley Cyrus.

Rochester was the 39th stop on her 69-date "Best of Both Worlds Tour" that has caused a national frenzy among tweens and their moms.

Tickets for the first 55 shows sold out within minutes of going on sale, and scalpers have been selling tickets for four to five times the face value. The average ticket sells for $214, higher than the average ticket resale price for concerts by Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and The Police.

In November, a man held onto a 12-foot statue of Montana for six days to win tickets to the Tampa concert, and one fan paid $2,565 for a ticket to her show in Charlotte, N.C.

So, girls lucky enough to have one of these golden tickets weren't taking any chances over the weekend. Hundreds of young girls and their mothers arrived in Rochester a day early to ensure that they wouldn't be snowed out of the concert.

Consequently, the Rochester Hyatt Hotel — which the rumor mill had leaked to be Miley's residence of choice — was packed by the end of the day, after having been booked at only a third of its capacity that morning.

A slumber party was inevitable.

Swarms of pajama-clad girls spent hours in the lobby, blasting Montana's music on their iPods, while awaiting her arrival. When she finally appeared around 2 a.m., after a long trek from Toronto, she was greeted with hysterical screams from her delighted audience.

With that kind of support, the storm didn't stand a chance against Hannah Montana. She performed on schedule — another roaring success for the 14-year-old superstar.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Miley Inspired Fashion

Blond wigs, sequins, beaded necklaces and other homage to Hannah Montana were everywhere as 14,000 of the younger set and their parents flocked to the recent concert at the FedExForum. Miley Cyrus, star of the Disney Channel hit show about a teenager who has a secret life as a rock star, seemed to be as admired for her cool clothes as for her bubbly personality and talent.

Emilee Inman, 6, and her sister Madison, 4, of Poplar Bluff, Mo., were decked out like rock stars in metallic jackets and tunics, sparkling belts and headbands. The outfits, made for them by a friend to wear to the concert, had been hanging in their closet for a month.

"Now I can wear it every day!" shouted a jumping Emilee.

Cassidy Johnston and Kelsey Smiley, both 11 and from Smyrna, Tenn., wore identical long tops, denim minis and striped knee socks mimicking an outfit Cyrus wore on her show. "We're going to be the next Hannah Montanas," said Cassidy, who had her mom send her photo to an agency.

"I like her pop star sound," said Autumn Moore, 11, of Memphis, who offered a calm analysis amid the general pandemonium: "She has a unique way of dressing. It's sparkly and glittery, and she wears jackets with everything." Autumn attended with her twin sister, Adrianne Moore, in matching pink vests.

The Memphis concert was only the first stop for Ella Gossett, 4, of Jonesboro, Ark., who had her groove thing going in a decorated T-shirt and cap. Her mother, Brandy Gossett, said they had tickets for another Hannah Montana concert in Arkansas a few days later. Ella said she loves Hannah Montana "because she dances every day."

Taylor Gatlin and her friend Rachel Pelts, both 13, of Memphis, shivered in the night air in dresses and Ugg boots worn without coats. "It's OK," Taylor said. "It's Hannah Montana."

Ashlan Davis, 13, and her friend Ashley McCormick, 12, both of Scotts Hill, Tenn., dressed like Hannah and her TV show friend, Lola, in blond and brunette wigs, fingerless gloves, studded belts and beads. Davis's mother was first in line in a Jackson mall, waiting from 2 a.m. to 10 p.m., to get the only four tickets available. They were a birthday gift for Davis.

"We watched the first episode. It was awesome," Ashley said. "She (Miley) is from Tennessee!"

"She's kind of normal," Ashlan said. "But not."

Hannah Montana Hits Chicago For a Cause

She's one of the hottest tickets around, to say the least, and when Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus plays Saturday evening at the Allstate Arena there won't be an empty seat in the house.

But her concert tour isn't the only reason she's in the Chicago area; she's using her fame to help students as CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

More than 4,000 Office Max employees and their family members let out thunderous screams and applause, as Miley Cyrus took the stage at Rosemont Theater Saturday.

To her legion of young fans, Miley Cyrus is also known as Hannah Montana. On her hit TV show, she's a regular kid by day and a singing sensation by night.

"It feels good inside too, because kids can look up to you and what they see on TV is the exact same thing as you know, when they get to meet me," Cyrus said.

For many of the tween set, the event was a dream come true.

"I didn't really get to see her in person, never," said Hannah Montana fan Jessica Villa.

So what was it like to see her in person?

"It was really, really awesome," Villa said.

Cyrus is supporting adopt-a-classroom. Office Max, one of the sponsors of her music tour, donated $1 million to the charity. The group will give the money to teachers nationwide so they can buy classroom supplies.

During the Saturday event, Cyrus was surprised by a visit from her favorite teacher, from second grade.

Fan Chloe Burns said, "She cares about the schools because a lot of teenagers don't really like school that much…yeah kids too."

Many of the kids who attended won't be able to see the 15-year-old when she performs in Chicago – as Hannah Montana and herself, in her "Best of Both Worlds" tour.

When asked what she thought about her concert tickets being scooped up by online brokers and sold for thousands of dollars each, Cyrus said, "that was a hard situation, because what I wanted most was everyone to get to come to my concerts."

She hopes fans will be able to make future tour dates.

Hannah Fans Brave Wind and Rain

Most fans younger than 10 also were tight-lipped when talking about their favorite singer — 15-year-old Cyrus — and the Montana character she portrays on a popular Disney Channel sitcom.
Quotes of “She’s pretty,” “She’s cool,” and “I like her songs” occupy little real estate in a reporter’s notebook, but youngsters from Louisville, Ky., suburban Chicago and Central Indiana said the same things again and again.

Alyssa Pometta, a 9-year-old from Darien, Ill., at least made the prediction that Cyrus would sing a rendition of “Deck the Halls” to give holiday flair to the event that resale brokers have called the most in-demand concert in the basketball arena’s 8-year history.

In September, local brokerage company Circle City Tickets listed a second-row ticket for the concert at $1,840. On Thursday, the company’s Web site had an asking price of $980 for a seat in the arena’s lower level.

Three hours before the concert’s 4 p.m. start time, however, brokers held “cheap tickets” signs outside the arena and one offered a lower level seat for $125.

That’s probably not great news for 18-year-old Danielle Lynne, who couldn’t get tickets for the Indianapolis show when they went on sale and then spent $200 for a ticket to the tour’s Jan. 3 stop in Cleveland. Lynne said she made her transaction at resale Web site

Because Lynne is more of a Jonas Brothers fan than a Hannah Montana backer, she spent this morning at a Circuit City store in Castleton, where the Jonas trio — the concert’s supporting act — held court during a free meet-and-greet with 500 fans.

Adoration for Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas rivals Montana mania, as four teenagers from Carmel camped out at the store from 6:30 a.m. Saturday until the musicians arrived at 12:30 p.m. today.

Allie Daniels, Taryn Ford, JoAnna Morgan and Ellie Payne passed the 30-hour endurance test.

Payne, who also met the Jonas Brothers when they played a free show at this year’s Indiana State Fair, knew what she wanted to say to Nick:

“Do you still have the Hello Kitty ring I proposed to you with?”

Ford won tickets to the concert through a call-in contest at radio station WZPL-FM (99.5), while Daniels had luck placing an order at

Outside Conseco Fieldhouse, where pre-teens, parents and grandparents gathered around a pink tour bus promoting “The Ultimate Miley Party,” concertgoers praised the fan club Web site as the source for their tickets purchased at face value ($56 and $40).

Brenda Dawson, a 62-year-old resident of Louisville, said her family bought more than a dozen tickets to multiple tour stops after paying $29.95 in one-year membership dues at Miley World.

Standing near granddaughters Maggie Hoehler, 8, Gracie Hoehler, 7, and Caylee Dawson, 7, Brenda said she’s become a dedicated fan of the Hannah Montana franchise.

“I find myself watching (the television show) when the kids aren’t at my house,” she said.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

'Hannah Montana,' 'High School Musical' are like really, really huge. Really!

To what ends would you go to satisfy your child's pop culture passions?

How about buying concert tickets — at a scalper's re-sale prices — and driving 300 miles so your daughter and her friend can see the concert while you wait for four hours in the car, spring for a hotel room, then turn around and drive 300 miles back home?

Welcome to the world of Terry Eparvier of Brillion.

Also welcome to the world of Hannah Montana mania.

Eparvier, her 13-year-old daughter, Nicole, and 15-year-old friend Erin Kruschke got a close-up look at the frenzy surrounding young Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana, and the "Best of Both Worlds" concert tour when they made the road trip recently to a concert in Moline, Ill.

It's not quite Beatlemania, but it's getting close.

"It was nuts," said Eparvier, not wanting to reveal just how much she dished out for the tickets. "It was wall-to-wall people. There were police directing traffic four blocks away. When I pulled up to the drive-up lane I had like five seconds to drop the girls off because there were like 50 cars waiting behind me."

The only thing grabbing the attention of today's tweens and young teens in a similar fashion is the "High School Musical" movies.

Both come courtesy of the Disney Channel. And both have become industries unto themselves.

The dual phenomenons have spurred numerous offshoots — best-selling CDs, movies (a "Hannah Montana" movie is in the works and negotiations are ongoing for a "High School Musical 3"), stage shows, Web sites and an avalanche of merchandise. Tickets for the 15-year-old Cyrus' "Best of Both Worlds" concert tour have been selling out in a matter of minutes, with scalpers getting well into triple figures.


Actress Arielle Jacobs, who stars as Gabriella Montez in the touring stage production of Disney's "High School Musical," which ends its run at the Fox Cities performing Arts Center with two shows today, can't quite wrap her head around the hysteria surrounding the Disney shows.

"When we take our bows, it feels like the audience is cheering for huge rock stars," she said. "I don't know ... is that what we've become? Perhaps the 'phenomenon' of 'High School Musical' has allowed us to step into that role, but it still feels absolutely unreal. I'm just grateful to be a part of it."

Nicole Eparvier understands the fascination, whether it be those East High Wildcats from "High School Musical" or the lovable Cyrus.

Watching Cyrus, the daughter of co-star Billy Ray Cyrus, navigate the worlds of normal teen and teen pop star is, well, cool.

"Who wouldn't want to be famous?" Nicole said. "Most kids my age would, and they see her and like her because she is a normal kid, our age, but then a pop star also."

Monica Stoeger, 12, of Appleton also gets it. She's a huge "Hannah Montana" fan "because not only is it an awesome and funny show, it has situations that any girl may face in reality. It teaches you how to deal with real-life situations in school and out. Another reason is Hannah Montana is a fantastic singer with a beautiful voice. No wonder her concerts sell out in seconds."

That and the fact brokers snatched up tickets, much to the dismay of parents and fans. The "Best of Both Worlds" is the hottest concert ticket on the planet right now. Its closest pass to the Fox Cities is the AllState Arena in Rosemont, Ill., where it lands on Saturday. Although a quick check with Ticketmaster shows the concert is sold-out, the Texas-based Coast-to-Coast Tickets, a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, still has seats available — from $320 to $1,005. reported the average ticket price for the entire "Hannah Montana" tour is $230. To put that in comparison, the Bruce Springsteen tour average price is $232— Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter is neck-and-neck with the Boss.

It's Disney world

The Disney Channel has been around for a couple of decades, but it truly arrived as a big-time player in cable TV in 2001 with the launch of "Lizzie McGuire."

Hits "That's So Raven," "The Cheetah Girls" and "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody" would follow.

But the 2006 arrival of "Hannah Montana," featuring Cyrus as a seemingly normal teen with a secret double life as a rock star, and the first "High School Musical" took it to a whole new level. A single "Hannah Montana" episode set a basic cable record for a series with 10.7 million viewers. "High School Musical," which debuted in January 2006, became the most viewed non-sports show in all of cable land. The movie garnered two Emmys and numerous other awards. The movie's soundtrack was the No. 1 selling CD of 2006.

The sequel, "High School Musical 2," debuted in August, attracting 17.2 million viewers, making it basic cable's most-watched telecast ever. Last week the film earned several top honors in the Family Television Awards, including best actor for Zac Efron. The two movies launched Efron, in the lead role as Troy Bolton, as today's hottest teen idol.

Idol worship

Eparvier said she took daughter Nicole to see Cyrus — and opening band the Jonas Brothers — because she saw it as a rite of passage. She had taken her older daughter to see the Backstreet Boys three times. She screamed for teen idols Donny Osmond and David Cassidy at concerts as a kid and wanted a similar experience for her daughters.

"So I kind of made sure my kids got to," she said.

Sadie Diedrick of Appleton knows the feeling. She wasn't able to snag concert tickets, but she had "Hannah Montana" and "High School Musical" on her mind when she went Christmas shopping at Toys R Us the day after Thanksgiving. She said she obsessed on the musical "Grease" as a youngster, so she understands the hold that these shows have taken on her kids.

Consider "Hannah Montana" and "High School Musical" generational touchstones, she said.

Sociologically speaking

Donald Meckiffe, assistant professor of communications and theatre at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, thinks he may know why shows like "Hannah Montana" are so hot. They seem to fit into a larger pattern of recent representations of teen girls, he said.

The strength of the Hannah Montana character and story is that the glamorous pop star stuff is presented as playacting and the ordinary girl remains underneath. The tween market coveted by advertisers interested in selling flashy products to the age group is what drives shows such as this, Meckiffe said. The major problem, he added, is resistance from parents, especially in the wake of what has happened with previous Disney teen idols such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera.

"The schizoid nature of the Hannah Montana character is because of the schizoid nature of the culture's fascination or fear of the sexuality of young girls," he said. "By pushing the sexy pop star stuff into fantasy, the 'Hannah Montana' show and character can play it both ways. Girls get to buy the makeup, companies get to sell and parents are reassured that it's all a harmless game — a win-win."

Keeping it clean

As the "Hannah Montana" theme song says, it's the best of both worlds — entertainment that catches the fancy of a young audience and a G-rated storyline that comforts parents. Unlike the animated "Bratz," which follows the adventures of girls as they scoop the hot stories for their own teen magazine, "Hannah Montana" and the "High School Musical" movies fall within the Diedrick family's boundaries of what is appropriate to watch.

"I think ('Bratz') portrays the wrong type of message to that age group with their clothes and the makeup and stuff," Diedrick said. "I don't think it's appropriate for my daughter to be watching it thinking it's OK to dress like that or look like that. So that's why 'Hannah Montana' and 'High School Musical' are within our taste."

"My dad even likes it," 8-year-old Taylor Diedrick said.

Hannah Montana, the Highlands Elementary School third-grader explained, isn't just a celebrity, she's also a real person, and that's why Taylor likes the show. As for "High School Musical," Gabriella is her favorite character. "She's not as mean as Sharpay, and she's never yelling at anybody. She's really, really sweet."

Sweet, indeed.

Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus' character is loved by fans and approved by moms

Asia Worthy is a 6-year-old who appreciates Hannah Montana's sense of style and fashion.

Abby Heckel, age 10, likes the teenage pop star for her music and talent.
And 3-year-old Macey Laubenthal thinks "she's cool and she's neat," reports mom, Maria.
Whatever the reason, Hannah Montana is a Disney Channel creation who has become an overnight sensation to millions of loyal fans. Portrayed by Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana will appear before thousands of screaming - likely hysterical - girls Wednesday at the Palace of Auburn Hills, where the show sold out in minutes.
Most popular among girls ages 6 to 14, Hannah Montana is the secret identity of Miley Stewart, a normal teenager living in California who goes to school, crushes on boys, and hangs out on the beach. But the secret she hides, along with her two best friends, is that by donning a platinum wig and snazzy clothes, she evolves into an American pop star.
What girl hasn't dreamed of a life like that?
The sitcom has become a hit for the Disney Channel and the character a popular alter ego for Miley Cyrus, the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who plays her father, Robbie Ray Stewart, on the show. The father-daughter team acts together, sings together, and hits the talk show circuit together. And most important for the millions of mothers who watch their daughters scream with delight at the thought of a chance to see the teenage superstar, Miley Cyrus and her father seem to really like each other.
It's this family connection that gives Rossford mom Maria Laubenthal the sense of ease she needs to leave her daughters Megan Mahaffey, 8, and Macey, 3, to watch the show without supervision.
"It teaches them that it's cool to be popular but it's also cool to be at home and like your dad and it's cool to like your brother even if you fight," she said. "That's important and I think it teaches them that."
Miley Cyrus appeared beside her dad on recent tapings of Oprah and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In both episodes, the daytime hosts asked Cyrus what made his daughter different than the other teenage stars gone bad. Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton have spent time behind bars and Britney Spears in rehab.
The answer was her ability to love the music and her parents' attempts to keep her grounded. It's an appealing thought to mothers nationwide.
But although Miley Cyrus is projected as a "good girl," Montana Miller points out that Hannah Montana is no Orphan Annie or member of the von Trapp family from The Sound of Music. Instead, she's a highly promoted Disney character who has been expertly saturated into the market, and into the minds and hearts of America's tweens, Ms. Miller said.
"It's cool that she has a double life and that she's a regular teenager by day and a by night, she's a rock star," said Ms. Miller, an associate professor at Bowling Green State University's Department of Popular Culture. "But the hype that has been built up, that hype has been created by marketing to them at all sides."
Ms. Miller acknowledged a "romantic" ideal portrayed in the program, which shows that an ordinary girl can be extraordinary, even if nobody else knows it. And that idea of being a secret star is appealing to young girls, she said.
But after spending time reading about the character and surfing the Internet, Ms. Miller said Hannah Montana and all her accompanying products are really just a "very powerful force, much more powerful than any parent."
Abby Heckel of Point Place was shut out from a chance of seeing the pop star in concert after her parents were among the thousands of unsuccessful buyers attempting to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster. She said it was disappointing to be denied a chance to see her favorite singer, but it didn't shake the 10-year-old's appreciation for the Hannah Montana legend.
With her two best friends, Abby said she formed a band and one day hopes to be a pop star just like Hannah. And despite concerns that the influx of marketing may stunt creativity, Abby is proof that sometimes girls just want a night out.
And that's the name of her band, by the way: GNO.
"It's named after one of Miley Cyrus' songs on her second album. 'G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)'," she explained. "I really like Miley because she writes songs and it's something I like to do too."
What her mom, Gina, likes best about the show is that on the show Miley is "normal." She goes to school, she has an allowance, and Hannah Montana does not get everything she wants.
"I remember an episode where she wanted a new phone that was similar to the iPhone but her dad wouldn't get it for her. She ended up realizing that she didn't need material things," Mrs. Heckel said. "It's important to me that she is normal, if that's what you call it."
Mrs. Heckel admitted she was heartbroken when she was not able to buy tickets for the Detroit area concert, but said she refused to pay the inflated prices demanded by scalpers. She said she was still angered by those who bought up thousands of tickets to the children's show with plans of making an extra buck.
The 54-date "Best of Both Worlds Tour," which opened Oct. 18 in St. Louis, has become the hottest show of the year. Average ticket prices to the sold-out concerts went as high as $237, and scalpers and brokers were reported to be asking as much as $2,500 to $3,000 for Hannah Montana tickets.
Candi Buchan was one of the lucky ones.
The mother of three from Lapeer, Mich., said she had three people online the minute tickets for the show at the Palace of Auburn Hills went on sale. Her father and brother-in-law scored four tickets each.
This Wednesday, Mrs. Buchan, her mother, and her two daughters, Sarah, 7, and Emma, 4, will be spending an evening with Hannah Montana. And although she knows she could have made a mint selling the other four tickets on auction Web sites, she sold them to a friend at face value.
Although she appreciates the teenager's songs, Mrs. Buchan said she doesn't let her girls regularly watch the show.
"I think the show is geared a little bit more toward older girls," she said, pointing out that some episodes focus on dating and impressing boys. "I'm definitely on the outside on this issue, but I'm pretty picky on what my kids watch. I try to keep them focused more on the music than the image."
And so the Buchan girls can sing Hannah Montana songs on a Hannah Montana karaoke machine and will give mini concerts, but that's where it stays.
Asia Worthy and her older sister, Veronica, 9, said they watch the television show together and enjoy how funny and talented Miley Cyrus is. Fans since the sitcom's inception, the sisters said they each have favorite episodes and Asia will gladly talk about how she likes Hannah's wardrobe and her relationship with her family.
"She wears cool clothes and pretty clothes and she has a funny dad and a weird brother," Asia said.
But don't expect to find Hannah Montana merchandise in the Worthy household. Although the girls tend not to miss an episode, they don't ask for the hundreds of items that bear the face of Miley Cyrus in a long, blond wig.
"Mom wouldn't get us that stuff," Asia said. Although mom Kristine insists, "They've never asked me."
"Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert," a 3D concert film made from three performances in two cities, will be showing at the Maumee Cinema de Lux for a week beginning Feb. 1. Tickets went on sale yesterday.

Hannah Montana Star Is Nice and Stylish

It's the first day of December and that means two things. The holidays are right around the corner and if you want presents, you better have been good this year. Secondly, it's that time of year where countdowns and lists are made of the best and worst events and happenings of the years. Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus star ended up on two lists that would make any parent proud. In a recent poll, Cyrus was named the nicest celebrity by children ages 2-12. Seventeen magazine also named her one of the most stylish stars of 2007. It seems it was a good year for the young Disney star!

A former Disney star herself, Britney Spears did not make the nice list this year. Instead, she topped the poll's naughty list along with sometimes-friend Paris Hilton. Over 1100 children were polled by E-Poll Market Research to gather the data. The children were asked what qualities someone like Miley Cyrus would have to possess in order top that nice list. They suggested "cleaning up and doing chores," "sharing" and "being honest and polite" among their answers.

Cyrus was also selected as one of Seventeen magazine's "Style Stars" for their December/January issue, on stands now. Singer Rihanna, former star of The OC Rachel Bilson, "Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson, and the ladies of the CW's Gossip Girls are also featured in the issue. Cyrus was chosen for maintaining an innocent, youthful image for her fans. However, Seventeen fashion director Gina Kelly says that it will be a fine line to walk as she gets older and more famous. "I'd love to see her evolve a little but also keep her youthfulness," she said.

Miley is currently on tour promoting her Best of Both Worlds album, in which she performs as both herself and Hannah Montana. She also recently taped an appearance for Walt Disney World's Christmas Day Parade. A new episode of Hannah Montana airs this Friday.

Arkansans Prepare for Hannah Montana Concert

As many Arkansans prepare for Saturday's Hannah Montana concert, the Attorney General's Office continues to investigate what they call the illegal scalping of the concert tickets.

Thousands of Hannah Montana tickets sold out in just minutes prompting the Arkansas attorney general's office to investigate.

Friday afternoon this arena will be full of thousands of Hannah Montana fans but while they enjoy the concert, the Attorney General's Office will continue to try and identify ticket scalpers.

The Disney show Hannah Montana and its stars are such a phenomenon these days sometimes even the stars themselves can't believe it.

(Mitchel Musso, Hannah Montana co-star)"Yeah, I guess I'm surprised, but at the same time like they love Hannah Montana, they love the show, they're really excited about the concert."

No kidding- nine thousand tickets for Saturday's Hannah Montana concert featuring Myley Cyrus sold out in just minutes.

Then tickets for the show appeared on the internet-some 10 times the face value of the ticket price.

Now the Arkansas Attorney General is investigating what they call illegal scalping.

(Justin Allen, Chief Deputy Attorney General)"Arkansas has what is traditionally known as a scalping law and it says for event like this you are not allowed to sell ticket for above the face value excluding a reasonable handling fee."

And while the Attorney General's Office tries to identify who these scalpers are, they worry some concertgoers will unknowingly present fraudulent tickets at Saturday's concert.

(Allen)"The history so far at other Hannah Montana concerts is that there has not been much of that but we're certainly concerned that there's a few individuals who may find that they're ticket was not good."

If you are going to the concert Saturday--North Little Rock Police say there is a good chance a section of Broadway between Popular and Magnolia will be closed.

Hannah Montana fan club post sale today

Did anyone log on to today, just randomly checking to see if any tickets opened up for Thursday's "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Tour" at Van Andel Arena?

And did you notice the very odd, fan club sale going on?

As best we can gather, this is the tour's response to those who joined the fan club but did not get tickets when the show went on sale exclusively to fan club members. Obviously, a lot of fans are still upset that they were shut out. A lawsuit even was filed by some of those fans.

Now, this one-day sale is on ticketmaster. And it's not just in Grand Rapids. It seems to be going on for most of her remaining tour dates, beginning in GR.

It looks as if the tour promoter is releasing some held tickets that were initially production kills, but now that the tour is up and running, those production kills are now good seats. (This is a common thing on all major tours.)

We know that on Thursday, the show promoter announced out of the blue that some additional tickets were opening up for Miley's Wednesday concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Is the same thing possible in Grand Rapids?

I'm guessing that if fan club members don't snatch up the extra tickets today that those tickets may -- and I say this very cautiously, MAY -- become available Monday or Tuesday.

My best advice: Don't make any promises to the kids. But keep going to as often as you can all next week.

Or, check out our special one-day contest that we're kicking off Sunday. Come back the "Going Gonzo" blog on Sunday for more details on how to win a pair of tickets.

AMC Entertainment Offers Guests an Unforgettable Hannah Montana Experience in...

AMC Entertainment(TM) Offers Guests an Unforgettable Hannah Montana Experience in DIGITAL 3D Tickets for the Hannah Montana Big Screen Concert Experience Go on

Sale Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007KANSAS CITY, Mo.--(Business Wire)--AMC Entertainment Inc. (AMC), one of the world's largest and mostinnovative theatrical exhibition companies, announced today HannahMontana's sold out concert tour will appear on the big screen inDIGITAL 3D at nearly 100 participating AMC theatres in the U.S. andCanada. Fans of the Disney Channel's popular "Hannah Montana" TV serieswill have a chance to see their favorite singer, songwriter andactress, Miley Cyrus, perform her Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best ofBoth Worlds Concert in a feature film experience in spectacularDIGITAL 3D, the week of Feb. 1-7, 2008. "AMC prides itself on innovation and continually looks foropportunities to program a diverse and broad selection of content inorder to create the best entertainment experiences for our guests,"said Alice Rogers, senior vice president, AMC Entertainment. "MileyCyrus and her television character, Hannah Montana, are wildly popularand we're thrilled to be bringing her concert in the impressiveDIGITAL 3D format to the communities we serve." Tickets go on sale Saturday, Dec. 1, 2007 and are $15.00 each forall seats and all showtimes. Visit to purchasetickets online and for more information about Hannah Montana/MileyCyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert at AMC theatre locations. This filmed version of the concert tour was shot instate-of-the-art Disney Digital 3D(TM) format. The film is directed byBruce Hendricks, produced by Art Repola from the concert tour, whichis created and produced by Kenny Ortega ("High School Musical"). Cyruswill perform as both a solo artist and as her hugely populartelevision character, Hannah Montana. The series is currently in itssecond smash season, and has attracted legions of fans all over theworld. Beginning this weekend at the box office, and while supplies last,all guests purchasing an advance ticket for the Hannah Montana concerton the big screen or a ticket to "Enchanted" will receive one limitededition "Hannah Montana" free song download card per ticketpurchase.(a) The card includes a code for a free mp3 "Rock Star" songdownload, Hannah Montana computer wallpaper and a downloadable "ticketwidget" to purchase tickets to the special event. To view the film'sDIGITAL 3D effect, fans will receive 3D glasses, which they can takehome as a reminder of this special experience. In October 2006, the "Hannah Montana" soundtrack became the firstTV soundtrack to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200, and turnedCyrus into a multi-platinum recording artist. Her latest CD, "HannahMontana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus," was released on July 24, 2007, andscanned over 325,000 units in its first week to become the top sellingalbum in the U.S. "Hannah Montana" is seen on the Disney Channel all over the worldand on via streaming broadband video. In 2006 andthus far in 2007, it was the No. 1 series on basic cable in the U.S.among children from six years old through the 'tween years, and,across all television, was second only to "American Idol" in those keyyouth demographics. It is also seen Saturday mornings on the ABCTelevision Network's "ABC Kids" programming block.

(a) Limited edition "Hannah Montana" free download cards are onlyavailable at theatres that are programmed to play Hannah Montanaconcert on the big screen Feb. 1-7, 2008. About AMC Entertainment Inc. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., AMC Entertainment Inc. is oneof the world's largest and most innovative theatrical exhibitioncompanies. With a history of industry leadership dating back to 1920,the company today serves more than 230 million guests annually throughinterests in 358 theatres with 5,128 screens in six Editors note: List of participating U.S. and Canadian theatres:-0-*T

AMC "HANNAH MONTANA" PARTICIPATING U.S. THEATRESSTATE MARKET THEATREArizona Phoenix AMC Arrowhead 14Arizona Phoenix AMC Desert Ridge 18Arizona Phoenix AMC Mesa Grand 24Arizona Phoenix AMC Westgate 20Arizona Tucson AMC Loews Foothills 15California Los Angeles AMC 30 at the BlockCalifornia Los Angeles AMC 12 at Downtown DisneyCalifornia Los Angeles AMC Burbank 16California Los Angeles AMC Century City 15California Los Angeles AMC CityWalk Stadium 19California Los Angeles AMC Ontario Mills 30California Los Angeles AMC Promenade 16California Los Angeles AMC Puente Hills 20California Los Angeles AMC Santa Anita 16California Los Angeles AMC Santa Monica 7California Los Angeles AMC Tustin 14California Oakland AMC Bay Street 16California San Diego AMC Mission Valley 20California San Diego AMC Palm Promenade 24California San Francisco AMC Loews Metreon 16California San Jose AMC Cupertino Square 16Colorado Denver AMC Highlands Ranch 24Colorado Denver AMC Westminster Promenade 24Connecticut Hartford AMC Loews Plainville 20Florida Jacksonville AMC Orange Park 24Florida Jacksonville AMC Regency 24Florida Miami AMC Aventura 24Florida Miami AMC Sunset Place 24Florida Orlando AMC Altamonte Mall 18Florida Orlando AMC Pleasure Island 24Florida Orlando AMC Loews Universal Cineplex 20Florida Sarasota AMC Sarasota 12Florida Tallahassee AMC Tallahassee Mall 20Florida Tampa AMC Regency 20Florida Tampa AMC Woodlands Square 20Georgia Atlanta AMC Barrett Commons 24Georgia Atlanta AMC Discover Mills 18Georgia Atlanta AMC Mansell Crossing 14Georgia Atlanta AMC Southlake Pavilion 24Illinois Chicago AMC Cantera 30Illinois Chicago AMC River East 21Illinois Chicago AMC South Barrington 30Illinois Chicago AMC Loews Streets of Woodfield 20Illinois Chicago AMC Yorktown 17Kansas Kansas City AMC Town Center 20Kentucky Cincinnati, OH AMC Newport on the Levee 20Maryland Baltimore AMC Columbia Mall 14Maryland Baltimore AMC Loews White Marsh 16Massachusetts Boston AMC Loews Boston Common 19Massachusetts Boston AMC Framingham 15Massachusetts Boston AMC Loews Liberty Tree Mall 20Massachusetts Boston AMC Loews Methuen 20Michigan Detroit AMC Forum 30Michigan Detroit AMC Star Gratiot 21Michigan Detroit AMC Star Great Lakes 25Michigan Detroit AMC Livonia 20Minnesota Minneapolis AMC Arbor Lakes 16Minnesota Minneapolis AMC Rosedale 14Minnesota Minneapolis AMC Southdale 16Missouri Kansas City AMC BarryWoods 24Missouri St. Louis AMC Chesterfield 14New Jersey New York City AMC Clifton Commons 16New Jersey New York City AMC Loews Freehold Metroplex 14New Jersey New York City AMC Garden State 16New Jersey New York City AMC Loews Jersey Gardens 20New York New York City AMC Loews 84th Street 6New York New York City AMC Loews Palisades Center 21New York New York City AMC Loews Port Chester 14New York New York City AMC Loews Raceway 10New York New York City AMC Loews Stony Brook 17North Carolina Charlotte AMC Northlake Mall 14Ohio Columbus AMC Easton Town Center 30Ohio Columbus AMC Lennox Town Center 24Oklahoma Tulsa AMC Southroads 20Pennsylvania Philadelphia AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24Pennsylvania Philadelphia AMC Hamilton 24Pennsylvania Philadelphia AMC Neshaminy 24Pennsylvania Philadelphia AMC Plymouth Meeting 12Texas Dallas AMC Grapevine Mills 30Texas Dallas AMC Mesquite 30Texas Dallas AMC Stonebriar 24Texas Dallas AMC The Parks at Arlington 18Texas Houston AMC Deerbrook 24Texas Houston AMC First Colony 24Texas Houston AMC Gulf Pointe 30Texas Houston AMC Studio 30 - HoustonTexas Houston AMC Willowbrook 24Texas San Antonio AMC Huebner Oaks 24Virginia Norfolk AMC Hampton 24Virginia Norfolk AMC Lynnhaven 18Virginia Washington D.C. AMC Loews Georgetown 14Virginia Washington D.C. AMC Hoffman Center 22Virginia Washington D.C. AMC Potomac Mills 18Virginia Washington D.C. AMC Loews Rio Cinemas 18Virginia Washington D.C. AMC Tysons Corner 16Washington Seattle AMC Pacific Place 11AMC PARTICIPATING CANADIAN THEATRESToronto, Canada Toronto AMC Whitby 24Toronto, Canada Toronto AMC Winston Churchill 24*TParris Communications for AMC EntertainmentLaurie Roberts, 816-931-8900

Five ways to make your own Hannah Montana Party

W hat? You didn’t get tickets to the Hannah Montana concert Monday at Sprint Center?

Join the club.

Then get over it.

As the blond-wigged beauty would say, “Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock.”

Thanks to the enterprising folks at Disney, there’s plenty of H.M. merchandise to get your own party started.

Here are five ways to get your Hannah on.

Have a ‘Hannah Montana’ viewing party
If you’re obsessed with the Miley Cyrus character, start with a “Hannah Montana” LCD TV with a 15-inch screen and official H.M. logos. Pop a DVD into your player. We recommend “Hannah Montana: Pop Star Profile” with four TV show episodes, including one with an appearance by Dolly Parton, as well as a “Nobody’s Perfect” concert performance and some behind-the-scenes footage of Miley Cyrus. Or try “Hannah Montana: Life’s What You Make It,” with four episodes, including “Achy Jakey Heart,” parts I and II.

Cost: TV, $299.99 at Toys R Us. Videos, $14.99 each at Target.

Get out your Hannah Montana dolls
Choose an H.M. Singing Doll and start accessorizing with a lot of clothes and equipment. Sold separately, of course. Our faves: the H.M. Pop Star Stage with lighted runway and the tour bus with eight play areas.

Doll, $19.99 at Target and Toys R Us. Stage, $69.99 at Target. Tour Bus, $79.99 at Toys R Us.

Have a Hannah Montana singing party
Start with the “Hannah Montana 2: Best of Both Worlds” two-CD set. One disc features 10 H.M. songs, including “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Rock Star.” The other has 10 Miley Cyrus songs, many of which she helped write, including “I Miss You” and “G.N.O. (Girl’s Night Out).”

Pop the CDs into your computer to get all the lyrics. Then download the CDs onto your iPod and pop that iPod onto your official Hannah Montana iPod dock and amp. Grab your Hannah Montana microphone as a prop and sing along. And if you’re really ready to rock, get the official Hannah Montana electric guitar.

CD, $16.99 at Target. iPod dock, $69.99 at Toys R Us. Microphone, $9.99 at Target. Guitar, $99.99 at Toys R Us.

Let someone else dress you like Hannah
This may be the ultimate luxury. Get your Hannah-loving self over to a Club Libby Lu store and ask for a Hannah Montana Secret Celebrity Concert Tour Pack. For $40, you’ll get a wig, a star guitar compact for lip gloss and eye shadow, a mic and five of the store’s Pick-a-Mix treasures, plus a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus tee and a concert bag. If $40 is steep, go for the Hannah Montana Secret Celebrity Libby Du makeover. You’ll get the wig, compact, a mic and treasures for $27.50. There are Club Libby Lu stores in Oak Park Mall and Independence Center. Find more stores at

Dress like Hannah Montana
Pull on an H.M.-style blond wig and get yourself into some H.M. clothes and jewelry.

Wigs are $9.99 at Target and $20 at Claire’s. Denim and casual separates from Dillard’s and Macy’s, $30-$38. T-shirts at Limited Too, about $25. H.M. official tennis shoes at Payless cost less than $20. You can also buy H.M. jewelry at Claire’s. Most pieces cost less than $10.