Sunday, January 6, 2008

2000 New Year's baby is a huge Hannah Montana fan

Alyssa Mary Anne Freimann, the first metro-east New Year's baby of 2000, just turned 8. Alyssa lives in Highland with mom Amy Freimann, dad Kyle Poole, and sister, Kennedy, 3.

On New Year's Eve, the family dining room table was filled with balloons, including one shaped like a giant guitar. Teen actress Miley Cyrus' face smiled from birthday plates and napkins.

It wasn't hard to figure out one of Alyssa's interests. The ponytailed second-grader wore a black Hannah Montana tunic over blue jeans and furry boots.

"Remember what we told you about coming home from the hospital?" said mom Amy Freimann. "You got to come home in a limousine, a big long car like Hannah Montana rides in."

We talked to Alyssa on the eve of her birthday. She had already had a party with friends and looked forward to a family party.

Favorite presents: "I really wanted a pottery wheel and I got that. Puzzles. I got a trampoline." For her birthday, she got more Hannah Montana and "High School Musical" stuff, a camera case for her digital camera and a hair streaker to put color in her hair.

What she likes to do: "I like to swim and jump on my new trampoline. Santa put it up for us. We left cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. He left the tops of the carrots on the oven and a note that said he liked the cookies and the reindeer liked the carrots, and he left a special surprise outside for us that wouldn't fit in the house. I was surprised. I jumped on it Christmas morning in my pajamas."What's on the party menu? "Little smokies, a veggie tray, because I like veggies."

"Chips and soda," said Mom. "Sloppy joes. We worked on the menu together. All of her favorite stuff."

Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies

What can you cook? "Oatmeal. Take the pack, pour it in a bowl and put hot water in."

What's it like to have a little sister? "Bad. She's trouble. She just likes to do what I do when I'm doing crafts or playing on the computer."Favorite subject: "Reading and spelling. I like the "Magic Tree House" books and "Choose Your Own Adventure." You can skip from different chapters and choose which one you want."

Least favorite subject: "Math. The only part of math I like is fractions. We do rocket math. As many math problems as we can in one minute."

Her chores: "Keep my room clean and put out food and water for the dog (a golden retriever named Mackenzie). Put the shoes away." Her mom added: "We kick our shoes off by the back door. She has to cart them to everybody's room."

How far have you traveled? "We just got back from a ski trip to Devils Head in Wisconsin. My grandpa (Michael Freimann) is from Wisconsin. (The family drove up during the snowstorm on Dec. 15.) I like to go fast."

"Our rule is she has to have somebody with her," said mom Amy. "Uncle Justin (Freimann) who's 21 takes her all over the place."

Alyssa also has been to Biloxi, Miss., to visit her uncle Christopher who is in the Air Force. The family visits Branson, Mo., every year and goes on float trips.

Favorite cartoon character? ScoobyDoo.

Good thing about having your birthday on a holiday: "Pretty much no matter what day it falls on, we have all the family over for it," said mom Amy.

"It's nice to have a special holiday as my birthday," said Alyssa. "No one forgets my birthday or how old I am."

What would you ask Hannah Montana if you met her? "What is it like to have everyone screaming your name?"

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Devona said...

That's pretty cool they go to Branson every year! I wonder if they go to the Branson shows as well...